Sunday, August 8, 2010

Poppy Brasserie - Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Well, I am back from Alberta and Montana where I enjoyed a week of lovely mountains, waterfalls, wildflowers, and relaxation. I was able to get one blog post uploaded during the trip, but let's just say that the ATT signals and the free wifi that I found was less than robust! I hope that this week I can get in a few posts about some of the things that we did on the trip.

I was able to post a few pictures from the lovely and plush Fairmont Chateau at Lake Louise while we were on the road. We enjoyed a couple of excellent meals there during our two day visit. The first evening we ate on the patio of Poppy Brasserie (the name comes from the many gorgeous poppies that are in the gardens that surround the hotel). This restaurant is considered their more "casual" restaurant, but still was "pricey" according to my typical dining budget. Above is the wonderful view from our under our umbrella - the view was definitely worth a few $$.

I am a bread-a-holic and always love a restaurant that serves interesting breads.

We both had smelled something wonderful outside the restaurant that smelled like seafood chowder, so we both had to order it. It was wonderfully rich and creamy!

My brother ordered this Indonesian stir fry with shrimp puffs and vegetables. Great blend of flavors and not too spicy!

And I got this pizza. Perfectly crispy with really good mushrooms and wild boar ham and bacon that had a wonderful flavor salty flavor.

We also had the breakfast buffet in this restaurant in the morning. Nice flaky pastries, smoked salmon, and a variery of eggs, pancakes, and waffles. Service was attentive, and of course the view couldn't be beat!

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That bread does look delicious!


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