Monday, August 16, 2010

Prince of Wales Hotel - Waterton Lakes

After driving the "Going-to-the-Sun" road, we headed north towards the Canadian border. Glacier is an International Peace Park that is merged with Water Lakes National Park in Canada. I enjoyed this part of the drive immensely - it was LOW (re: see fear of heights in previous posting) and wound through the most gorgeous meadows of wildflowers.

Our home for the night was another historic inn - the Prince of Wales. Our first view (through the smudged windshield) shows it standing on a high hill with the mountains in the background. It looks like the place is in the Scottish highlands.

The lobby definitely has a Scottish flare with men decked out in kilts and lots of plaid.

The view in front of the inn is breezy and breathtaking! But the room was small and worn. It looked like the windows had recently been replaced with vinyl windows. The woodwork was pretty but need some touch ups to remove lots of dings and smudges.

The best feature of the room was the spectacular view!

We ate dinner in the dining room - it was ok, but I had mushy pasta and my brother's wild rice was crunchy. (Not worth the high price.)

Next morning we took a boat ride across the lake to a secluded spot called the Goat Haunt. Beautiful views (no goats, however)! We crossed the border again, and I even got this nifty stamp on my passport.

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