Saturday, December 17, 2011

Felted Flower Fun

Here's a few more felted flowers that I've made this week:

From a heathered blue sweater.

Burgundy, blue, and ivory - with an earring with unique chunky beads.

Found a pair of these most unusual vintage earrings last month. Huge - who could actually stand to have these clipped to their ears? Owww! But the flowers all had cute sparkles in the center and the price was right.

So one of them has become the center on this pin. This pin is from a forest green wool topped with a beige wool (that for some reason, didn't felt when I washed it, even though it said it was 100% wool.) Just circles for this, no petals, and a crocheted flower under the earring.

I think I may even make a few of these to use in place of ribbons on some Christmas presents. Hope this gives you some new inspiration for an easy project!

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