Saturday, December 10, 2011

Felted Wool Sweater Flower Tutorial

Step 1: Purchase men's 100% wool pants from resale shop for $1. Wash in hot water and dry in high heat dryer to shrink the fabric.

Step 2 - Cut circle pattern from newspaper or cardstock. Fold into sixths. Cut curved edges to make flower pattern (doesn't need to be perfect).

Step 3 - Cut 5 flowers from wool pants.

Step 4 - Lay one flower down as base for flower. Fold another flower in half (doesn't need to be precise) and lay down on base.

Step 5 - Fold another flower in half. Rotate by one quarter and layer on top.

Step 6 - Turn another quarter and layer the third folded flower on top.

Step 7 - Another quarter turn. Add last folded flower. Tuck the end of this flower under the first folded flower.

Step 8 - Put a large dab of glue in the center where the flowers meet. Also a few more dabs of glue underneath the folded flowers to attach them securely to the base.

Step 9 - Glue on a crocheted flower or other piece of lace on top of the flowers. (I purchased these off white crocheted flowers eons ago at the craft store. Omit this step if you wish!)

Step 10 - Hot glue a vintage pin, button, or earring to the center. Best if it has a bit of sparkle or bling!

Step 11 - Hot glue a pin backing to the back of the base. Works better if you put it towards the top rather than in the middle of the flower to avoid having the flower sag when you pin it! (Yes this picture is upside down - I rotated it, but Blogger isn't acting nice today!)

Step 12 - Attach pin to bland Kohls cardigan sweater. Cute factor improved 200 %!!!

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Renée said...

Adorable, Karen! Maybe I'll try this over Christmas vacation :).


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