Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Silver Glitter Snowflakes

Last year I had a lot of fun making these white snowflakes with vintage earrings. This year I took some of the same plastic snowflakes from Michaels and sprayed them silver. While still wet, I sprinkled them with a bit of Martha Stewart antique silver glitter.

I used various punches to cut shapes out of vintage dictionary paper. I stained the edges with a brown stamp and added a bit more brown color to the edges to age the paper. Then I dug into my stash to find some interesting things to decorate the centers.

Plastic swan with a button. I think I got this swan in a package from a family that I stayed with in Russia on a church choir tour. It had a vintage look, even though it was plastic, so I have kept it in my stash. I think it works perfect on this ornament!

Silver button on top of a mother of pearl button.

Giant pearly clip on earring on top of silver jewelry filigree.

Small silver key with button on top. (Bland key and plastic button, but looks cute combined together!)

Plastic crown - I think this came in a bag of junk jewelry!

All of these are now on my Christmas tree, but I think they would make great decorations for packages, too!

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