Thursday, October 18, 2012

Blarney Castle, Cork, and Kinsale

During our ADE conference, we had one day where we went touring to a few locations in the Cork area.  We started out early in the morning at Blarney Castle.  We arrived before it opened to the public and had a couple hours to explore the castle and gardens before the crowds showed up.

We had the privilege of having group photos taken in front of the castle by prize winning photographer Bill Frakes.  Bill has been a guest at several of our conferences and always graciously shares his talents and creativity with us!

The castle is actually in ruins, and quite beautiful inside with vines and moss clinging to the stones.

At the top, you get a spectacular view of the green countryside!

And of course, if you wait in line, you can kiss the Blarney Stone.  It is wild, they hold onto you as you lean backwards, grab the rails, and pull yourself down to kiss under the stone.  

Our second stop was downtown Cork.  The city is located on the river and crossed by lovely bridges.

The downtown is filled with shops, pubs, and restaurants.  Many of the streets are just for pedestrians and are fun to explore.

Our last stop was the quaint seaside town of Kinsale.  Here is a view of the town from the harbor.

The town is painted in pretty pastel shades.  I thought this narrow walkway was neat.

And here is the same image, using a tiltshift effect using the Snapseed app.

A totally lovely day seeing the wonderful sights of County Cork!

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