Friday, October 19, 2012

Fota House - Ireland

Our final celebration of the conference was held at the nearby historic Fota House estate.  The elegant house was originally as a hunting lodge, but was converted in the 1800s into an estate home with over 70 rooms.

We were greeted by an elegant string quartet...

and elegant waiters and waitresses.....

serving elegant oysters (and other yummy goodies).

Tour guides gave us a short tour of some of the rooms in the house.  We saw both "upstairs" areas like the dining room and "downstairs" areas for the servants like the kitchen.

Reminded me of Downton Abbey!

The evening was beautiful and we were able to wander through the extensive gardens on the estate. 

I discovered this quiet green area tucked away in one corner.

I am quite sure that if I walked through this door I would go straight into Narnia!
(At least this is what I pictured when I read The Silver Chair.)

The event was classy and fun - lots of delicious food in a unique setting where we could enjoy being with our ADE friends for one last evening.

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