Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dingle Peninsula, Ireland - Part 2

After lunch, we continued along the coast, making frequent stops at the scenic spots.

Stunning panorama of a green valley studded with fields and stone fences.

We spent about an hour at the very touristy town of Dingle.  Lots of rather ordinary souvenir shops.  This guy with his wagon, goat, and donkey was quite entertaining.  He played a flute while the tourists snapped pictures.  His dog would even jump on the back of the donkey.  People would plop their kids on the donkey for photos.

I think the tourist bureau pays these gulls to pose so nicely on the rocks!

SHEEP!  Sherri loved the sheep!  We were able to capture some beautiful shots of them!


One of the funniest moments of this trip happened at this stop.  Jim left the car running because we were just going to take a couple quick pictures.  Next thing we knew he and Dave were climbing down the cliffs and taking pictures.  Our quick stop lasted over a half hour with the car running the entire time!

Some of my favorite views came as we got near the tip of the peninsula.  The roads got very narrow and curvy with stone walls.  

Green farms with checker boarded fields

This part of the coastline was stunning!  Loved how the green fields stretched down to the edge of the cliffs.!

As we headed towards the top edge of the peninsula, we realized it was 6 pm and we still had the northern side of the coast to cover.  Alas, we decided we needed to head back down to Dingle and retrace the road we came in to get back to our hotel at a reasonable hour.  A long, but amazingly beautiful and fun day enjoying beautiful Ireland!

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