Friday, October 5, 2012

Dingle Peninsula, Ireland - Part 1

I was so excited that I was able to arrange to spend a couple extra days in Ireland before and after my Apple conference in July.  I was able to connect with friends Sherri and Jim who I had met and worked with at previous conferences.  Jim was brave enough to rent a car and drive on the "wrong" side of the road and we joined with 3 other ADEs in another car to take a "photo safari" up to the Dingle Peninsula.  What an awesome day!  We all loved taking pictures and totally went crazy trying to capture the scenery and views of Ireland.  

One of our first stops was in the town of Macroon.  We found a crumbly old church yard, filled with the most amazing old gravestones topped with gorgeous Celtic crosses. I loved taking these photos.

It isn't a myth - Ireland truly is GREEN!  We made many stops to take shots of the rolling green hills and mountains.  

For lunch, we stopped at a great little pub called Foley's Bar and Restaurant.  Had the most wonderful fresh seafood chowder with a slice of Irish brown bread.

Nearby was Inch Beach.  This area was featured in the movies Ryan's Daughter and Far and Away.  I added a little drama to this picture with the Snapseed app.  We all became Snapseed addicts during this trip!  We continued along the coastline heading north.

Too many lovely pictures from this day, so I will share some posts from the second part of the trip in my next post!

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