Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Black and White Photo Gallery

My new photo gallery in my living room using photos from my summer travels printed in black and white.

I used a combination of cheap frames from Target and the dollar store.
The larger photos are Celtic crosses taken in Ireland.
The smaller are shots of the Eiffel Tower.  (Lots of editing done using the Snapseed app to add drama!)

This was one of my favorite photos from Ireland.  I love this cross, the angle, and the dramatic sky!

The small photos are statue close ups, mostly from the Vatican Museum printed in a slightly grungy sepia.  There's a larger silhouette of a tower and gargoyles of Notre Dame in Paris against puffy clouds.

This photo of me taking a photo was taken by my good ADE friend, Jim, and is my favorite! (Thanks, Jim, for catching this moment!)
I think it is brilliant - the light outlines my body with a warm glow.
My arm echoes the point of the Gothic arch.
It reflects my passion for my Christian faith, my love of being creative, and how my heart is filled by travel.  I look at it every day and it reminds me how blessed I was to have such an amazing summer!

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