Monday, January 28, 2013

Stacking Bracelets in Turquoise and Aqua

I've had fun the past few days making several stretchy bracelets using odds and ends of turquoise beads in my stash.  I mixed in some charms, some Chinese crystals, a large fluorite bead, a quartz bead, and other bits.

I started with these two together.

A third bracelet with some soft aqua stone beads mixed with a bit of turquoise.


I especially love this one with the large fluorite stone bead - you can see a bit of purple mixed in the stone.

Sometimes the knots come loose when you use the stretchy plastic cord.  I always do a tight triple knot and then add a dot of super or Gorilla Glue on the knot.  I've had pretty good luck using this trick to keep the bracelets from falling apart. 

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