Saturday, January 26, 2013

Recycled Computer Keys - Retirement Card

A few months ago, a good friend of mine retired from her job as a computer programer.  I had to come up with something clever and appropriate as a retirement card for her!  I recycled some computer keys from some old keyboards at school to make this "card" for her.

The top picture is a bit blurry, so above are a few closeups.   Here is the text:

It's a beginning, not the END
DELETE At&t and never RETURN
ESC your old job
SHIFT your way of thinking
Explore each new OPTION
Relax at HOME

I thought I came up with some pretty clever and appropriate ways to use the special keys!

 I made the background using PrintShop software and printed it on glossy computer paper.  I taped the keys onto the paper.   I used tape rather than glue because...

...if you turn the keys over, they are MAGNETS!

I know the IT guy at work thought I was crazy when I asked him to save the old keyboards!
I'll post in a few days how to make this fun little magnets - so easy!

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ellie-lauri said...

Cool idea!


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