Friday, September 12, 2008

Boiled Brown Rice

I have bad luck making brown rice. It takes forever, it boils over and is messy, and it gets gummy. A while back when I saw this blog post from Angry Chicken about boiling rice like pasta to cook it, I tucked it away in my bookmarks of recipes to try.

So last weekend I tested this process. I filled a big pot with water with a little salt and heated it until it started boiling. Then I added about 2 cups of brown rice. I boiled it for about 30 minutes until it was cooked but still slightly firm. Then I strained it in a colander. I didn't even do the final recommended step about heating it slightly after it was strained. So easy!

The rice turned out perfect! This will be my only way to make brown rice from now on!


Anonymous said...

I feel that way about baked brown rice. I first saw it on Good Eats (yay Alton Brown!) and had to give it a try. It's so easy, and it really turns out nice. You just boil water, butter and salt, pour it over the rice in a baking dish, cover it with foil, and bake for an hour. Fluff immediately and it's perfect. Here's the recipe:

Clever Karen said...

Ok, that sounds good, too! I guess I spoke too soon when I said I'd never make it another way!


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