Monday, September 29, 2008

Vintage Books

A few weeks ago I stopped at the Salvation Army and they had a big box of books in front of the store with 3 books for a dollar. I pulled out these vintage books - all from the early 1900s.

Love the cover on this one! From the author of the Bobbsey Twins - my favorite first chapter book:

Such great old illustrations in them.

I love this picture from Mary Jane's Kindergarten:

I've never read Little Men. Pretty colored illustrations in this edition:


Anonymous said...

I love the book Little Men! It's a sequel to Little Women, and takes place at the school that Jo and Dr. Bhaer run. There's a third book, Jo's Boys, that tells the story of the kids in this book after they grow up. Little Men is my favorite of the three.

Clever Karen said...

I'm hoping to read it on some nice snowy cold day this winter!


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