Monday, September 8, 2008

No Longer Stuffed to the Top

Sorry, I haven't posted for several days. I've heard one complaint from a friend that she was tired of looking at that picture of the focaccia!  I've been so busy with the start of school that I've spending time on weekends to set up some items to autopost during the week.  But this weekend my laptop went away to get a new 320 GB hard drive installed. (For over a year I have been running my laptop hard drive dangerously filled to the top.)  So now I have more more room to download more pictures and install more applications.  Yippee!

I need to spend time tonight catching up on all the work that I couldn't get done without my laptop. But I do have some pictures of some new cleverness on my camera that hopefully I will get up within the next few days.  See you soon!

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