Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Extreme Ironing Board Makeover

When I was in Shipshewana last month, I got all excited when I saw an antique wooden ironing board for sale. I was already to buy it, when my friend Jenni said, "We have an old ironing board we're going to throw out." I think she thought I was crazy, but she brought it over for me. Here is the before shot:

I gave it a good cleaning and tossed the cover. The wood had a great rustic look and was pretty smooth, so it only needed a light sanding on a few rough edges. Then I took some Formby's tung oil and gave it a good coating with an old rag. (Note to self: remember to wear gloves next time or your hands will be sticky all day.)

Here is a picture showing the before and after on the wood. The tung oil is wonderful on wood that has no varnish - it leaves a natural finish with a slight gloss.

Over the next couple days I gave it several more coatings of the oil. That's it. The natural wood now looks rich and glowing.

And what am I planning to do with this new treasure? Well, I love the height of an ironing board when I am making jewelry because I don't have to bend over so far to work. And I think it would make a great buffet. And a cool surface to display things. Anyone else have a brilliant idea?

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