Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day out my Window

Our last day of school before Christmas was canceled due to the heavy snow that is falling right now. They are predicting a good 6 inches. A wonderful treat to put on the fuzzy socks, turn on the tree lights, light the candles, and look out the window.

The cat might even get some lap time where there isn't a laptop on my lap.

Guess she doesn't like having her picture taken.

Soon I need to go out and start clearing the walks and driveway. My little snowblower doesn't handle large amounts, so I'll need to do 2 installments of snow blowing, I think. Then I hope to wrap some presents and do some fun clever things. But for right now, I will sit in the warmth and just enjoy the view. Ahhhh....

Maybe even an extra blog posting or two. See you later!!


skip zalneraitis said...

Thanks for the 'report'!!

sally said...

Love the pictures

Melissa said...

so glad for you, that you can enjoy an extra day off from school!

This is the third day that schools in the Seattle area have been off because of snow and ice!


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