Friday, December 19, 2008

Union Street Saloon - Detroit

Several weeks ago we went to the Union Street Saloon in downtown Detroit before going to the symphony, and I realized that I still haven't written about it. (Hmmm - guess I wasn't overly excited by it, if I wasn't in a hurry to share.) Pardon the pictures - it is so hard to take good food photos in a dark restaurant!

Union Street is a classic bar with old decor with lots of woodwork. It is located a couple blocks north of Orchestra Hall and we had a brisk walk in the rain to get to it. It seems to be quite popular - it was packed on a Friday night. It has a big menu with a variety of offerings. Lots of burgers, salads, but a bit of everything.

I think it is the kind of place where you should order your basic "bar food." A couple of my fellow diners ordered burgers and fish and chips - they seemed to like it.

I ordered the barbecue chicken meal. I chose it because it came with a lot of side dishes - mac and cheese, barbecue beans, peach cobbler - so I thought I could try several things. Way too much food! The chicken was just ok. It tasted like they simply baked the chicken without much seasoning and then plopped the sauce on top when it was done. The skin was rubbery - if I'm going to bother eating chicken with skin on it I expect it to be a bit crispy, else why bother, right? The sides were pretty good - I really liked the mac and cheese. The cobbler was nothing special.

Ah, and the restrooms are pretty grim and in dire need of a remodel. Classic and old is fine for the bar, but a bit scary in a bathroom!

I'd go back again, the menu was big enough that there were other things that I could order, but I'd probably go for a burger next time!

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