Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tinsel and Tin

I have seen several examples of really cute collage ornaments that were made out tiny tin trays. I was especially inspired by these made at Joli Paquet. I had these tin mini quiche pans that I bought many years ago while in France. I don't use them - everything that I ever made in them totally got stuck in them and fell apart when I pried it out. So I decided to put them to a better use. With our snow day on Friday, I had a little free time to play!

I printed out some vintage images that I found on Flickr. The tinsel came from Target's after Christmas sales last year - it had a vintage look to it. I'm not the best at making collages, but I had fun playing around. I used magnets to put the tins up on the fridge. Here are a few closeups:

I used this online Acme label generator to make the words. I dragged each label onto a black background and printed them and then just cut the words out. I uploaded the page to Flickr here - feel free to print it out if you have any use for it in your Christmas projects.


Melissa said...

Hi Clever Karen!
I love these ornaments. In the fall I bought a bunch of tins like you used and now I know what to do with them!

peggy said...

Karen is it okay if I put your blog address on mine? I have been playing with the label generator and it is such fun. I am not using it properly I am sure, as I am not savvy in that regard. Wishing for spring.

Clever Karen said...

Peggy, yes, I would be delighted to be linked on your blog. Thanks!


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