Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cranberry Coconut White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

I found this silicone cookie/muffin mold on sale at JoAnn's after Christmas. I thought it might work for the Anzac Cookies that I made in the fall that stuck so terribly in the cast iron pan.

I decided to try it out for a bake sale were were having at school. I used the same recipe as before, but substituted dried cranberries and white chocolate chips for the apricots and pecans. I also used vanilla for flavor rather than the orange peel, but I think next time I'd use the orange.

I sprayed the mold lightly with cooking spray and pressed the dough into the molds and baked for about 15 minutes. Then I let them cool for about 10 minutes. When I tipped the mold over they slid out easily or released with a gentle push on the bottom. MUCH easier than trying to carefully pry them out of the cast iron. The down side is I could only bake six at a time and then had to wait to make the next batch, so it was a slow process.

After they cooled, I put about a 1/4 cup white chocolate chips in a zip lock bag and heated in in the microwave for about a minute. When the chocolate was melted, I snipped off a tiny bit of the cormer and zigzagged the melted chocolate on top of the cookies.

I LOVE this cookie recipe! The cookies are dense and chewy and soft in the middle and have a bit of crunch on the outside.

I saw Target has some heart shaped silicone molds in their Dollar Spot - I think I'll try to pick some up to use for my next batch!

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HBGillian said...

I hesitated to use the silicon molds because it just seemed like they would melt in the oven! I think I need to make a trip to Target...:)
Thanks for the idea!


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