Sunday, January 4, 2009

Vintage Jewelry Remix 1

I get in trouble when I see things in magazines, online, or in stores and think to my self - "I could make that!" Yes, I have several shelves filled with "I could make thats." (Anyone else have this problem??) One of the things I've recently been admiring has been some funky junky necklaces made out of pieces of vintage jewelry. A few weeks ago I discovered some old chain pieces in my mom's old jewelry box. Then over break I wandered through a few antique stores and I looked for a few additional pieces that I could use.

This big dangling pearl earring - perfect for a dangle on a necklace.

A broken flower bracelet with rhinestones that was in a bag of junky pieces for $5 dollars.

A long Monet chain with an unusual texture and gold beads. Another earing shaped like a leaf with a bit of bling that was in the junk bag. Then I added in a few other pieces of chains and beads from Munro's as well as pearls and stones leftover from other projects.

And then I spread everything over my desk. (No one ever said creativity was neat!) I spent an entire afternoon playing with all the pieces. In the end, I had 3 very unique vintage junk necklaces. Tomorrow I will unveil the end results!

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