Saturday, January 3, 2009

Munro Crafts - Berkley

Munro Crafts is the kind of store that you could easily drive by on 12 Mile for years and never realize what an amazing, jumbled, dangerous place it is. Amazing, because it has a huge craft selection, including one room where the walls are covered with beads and jewelry findings. Jumbled, because it even with the enlargement that they did several years ago, it still seems to be a crazy mess inside! And dangerous, because I always end up spending 4 times more than I plan! So I usually only go in a few times a year when I need something specific for a project - too many temptations!

I stopped in a few days ago to get a few beads, chains, and findings that I needed for some necklaces I was making. (Stay tuned, pictures of my new creations will be coming.) So I thought I'd take a few pictures of some of the beads. Every wall and aisle is covered with strands of beads of every size, shape, and color. I love the variety of stone beads that they have.

I am addicted to making jewelry with the freshwater pearls. Again, all colors and sizes, and they can be surprisingly affordable if you pick the pearls that have slight blemishes. In December the pearls were all 25% off.

I also like the fun and funky glass beads. Here's some cute Christmas beads.

There's more - boxes of Bali silver (I get in BIG trouble here), and crystals, and chains, and more.

(Note: it often is very busy! Everyone gathers around the counter looking at crystals and waiting for someone to help them. The help is very efficient, but it can be crazy and overwhelming at times to get waited on. Why they don't have a "take a number" system is beyond me????)

If you make jewelry, it is worth the trip to go here - it is the best bead store I have found in the area.

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Rebekah said...

Thanks for reminding me to tell my aunt about this place...she's been wanting to start making her own jewelry.

I went into this store last fall and I was so incredibly overwhelmed....I had no idea how many different types of beads exist! It's amazing.


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