Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mexican Town Restaurant

On our latest symphony night we met downtown at the Mexican Town Restaurant. Which is not to be confused with Mexican Village Restaurant (Donna!) which we discovered are two entirely different places located on two entirely different sections of Detroit's Mexican Town area and on different sides of the expressway. Mexican Town is a several block community filled with Hispanic Restaurants and businesses. I hadn't been down there to eat in years and years. Please note that right now there is major construction in the area, but it really wasn't too difficult to navigate to get there.

The inside looks like your basic cantina with brick walls and columns and posters on the wall. It was quite busy on a Friday night. The meal starts with a basket of fresh warm chips and a mild salsa. The menu is filled with your basic Mexican food favorites and has a few unique "flaming" offerings. Prices are very reasonable - most under 10 dollars and the portion sizes are large.

Here is what the order of botanas looked like. I thought it unusual that it was topped with green olives - most times I see Mexican food is topped with black olives. The person who ordered it didn't like green olives and I do, so she shared them with me. Someone else ordered the wet burrito and it was huge - enough for 2 to 3 meals. It looked like most people walked out of the restaurant carrying some of their meal home.

I ordered the chicken enchildas. They came topped with cheese - it looked like a lot of people were ordering their meals with extra cheese which looked so yummy but not very healthy! They were filled with shredded chicken and were good, although nothing very ususal about them.

I know people who are fans of Mexican food are very fervent about which restaurant in Mexican Town is the best. If you have a favorite, I'd love to know!

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