Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Vintage Jewelry Remix 2

This is the end result of my vintage remix necklace making binge!

Necklace One - a pearl earring dangling down in front from a piece of a flower rhinestone necklace. Hanging from a mixture of chains including a piece of a Monet necklace. Some pearls, stones, and other beads.

Necklace Two - I found some amazing cut glass beads in a button jar and they were stored in my button stash. I mixed them with some old and new chains and a few other beads. I made it extra long so that I could double the chain if I wished.

Necklace Three - I still had a few more pieces, so I made another necklace with a fringe of things dangling from a square stone bead.

Ok, these were soooo much fun to make and I liked the end results so much that I jangled around the house all evening with them all looped and layered around my neck:


Renee said...

Karen, these are so beautiful! What a great way to take something old and make it into something new! How do you attach the different sections of chain together?

Clever Karen said...

Renee, I use both jump rings and wire to attach the different sections together. I often loop the wire through a bead to connect the different parts.


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