Saturday, August 1, 2009

Breakfast at the Grand Hotel - Mackinac Island

Breakfast is included when you stay at the Grand Hotel, and it's not your typical breakfast bar. Here is the menu - you may choice anything that you wish.

The Menu

Berries, Granola, and Yogurt

Fruit Cup - I appreciate that the fruit was cut in neat bite pieces, not huge chunks.

Basket of homemade pastries - one the of the best parts of the meal!

We all ordered the stuffed French toast. As you can see, I had already dug in before I remembered to take a picture. We decided that the description on the menu sounded better than the actual dish. It was fine, just not amazing.

As we walked out, we scoped out the buffet table, and noticed that it had most of the same items that the menu had, including the stuffed French toast and the chocolate chip cookies. (The one thing it didn't have was omelettes.) So the second day we did the buffet. Again, we liked it, but other than the pastries there wasn't anything that totally unique.

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