Thursday, August 27, 2009

Exploring Kerrytown - Ann Arbor

After my lovely lunch at Eve, I wandered around the Kerrytown area and did some exploring.

There is a thriving farmers market - lots of vegetables and fruit and jewelry for sale.

Zingerman's Deli is a popular place. I've never eaten here, but it always has a long line of people ordering sandwiches and other goodies. It is almost claustrophobic, a lot packed into a small space - the deli counter, bread counter, cheese and meats, and a small area PACKED with pricey gourmet goods. There are picnic table outside and another building set up as a coffee shop with Zingerman's homemade ice creams and pastries.

My favorite splurge purchase at Zingerman's is the Summer Fling Coffeecake. I have tried to duplicate it using my Coconut Poundcake recipe. I noticed that they use lime oil in the ingredient list - I may try that next time.

There are lots of little shops in the area. My favorite discovery was a shop called "Found." It is an funky antique and gift store - they sell all kinds of old items that are repurposed. They also have a neat collection of items that could be used for collages or projects. You know how I love to remix items, so this was store was so inspiring. Unfortunately my parking meter was almost out of time, or else I would have spent more time here!

Of course these button bracelets caught my attention....... did this cute set of blue and white tin toy dishes. I definitely need to go back here to do some more browsing!


Meghan said...

I would also highly recommend The Spice Merchants--on the second floor of the main Kerrytown building. And have you already visited Hollander's Paper store?

Clever Karen said...

Yes, Meghan, I did take a peak into both those places and they were very neat. I really needed more time on my parking meter! I definitely need to take another trip to Ann Arbor - I can see why you like living there.

Rebekah said...

Zingerman's is delicious and you must try it out sometime soon. I went this summer, so I was able to sit outside. The only claustrophobic part is the ordering and paying...after that the patio is lovely.

Did you get a chance to check out Hollanders paper? That shop is darling

Clever Karen said...

Rebekah, I only had time to spend a few minutes in Hollanders and yes, I do need to go back to spend more time and to eat at Zingerman's!


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