Friday, August 7, 2009


Yes, fudge is an entirely separate food group on Mackinac Island. You can smell the chocolate as soon as you start walking down the main street. There must be over a dozen shops on the island and most of them have store on both the left and the right side of the street. And they give samples - if they don't offer, just ask! As a food blogger, I felt obligated to sample as many different flavors and brands before I made my purchases. There were too many flavors, and I was tempted to try them all.

I ended up buying at JoAnn's, Ryba's, and Murdock's. JoAnn's really had some interesting flavors! I loved their double dark cherry chocolate and the orange truffle! I bought bought way too much fudge! But I shared a lot with family and friends - I divided it up into sampler packs so everyone could try several flavors.

I think this bit with caramel oozing out was turtle fudge.

And even the cat wanted to have a taste!


Rebekah said...

I've been living vicariously through your Mackinac posts...I should try to schedule a trip up there next summer. It's such a beautiful island.

Clever Karen said...

Thanks, Rebekah. I know I kinda spread them out over the past few weeks and I was hoping that people weren't getting bored with it.

YayaOrchid said...

MMmm...fudge looks delicious!
I have to ask about the bamboo rice in one of your previous posts. Is it regular rice with some exotic seasoning, or is it some new variety of rice?

cindy said...

Looks simply wonderful! And I think the "I have a blog" excuse fits perfectly as reason to sample as many as needed! :D

yapping cat

Clever Karen said...

Yay Orchid, the rice was a kind of rice. I'd never heard of it before.


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