Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dinner at the Grand Hotel - Day Two

Here's a peak at my dinner from the Day Two menu:

Tangerine Marinated Shrimp - great flavor, really didn't need every shrimp condiment known to man on the side! Some nice little noodles underneath flavored with sesame oil.

Lobster Bisque - creamy and nice flavor. Would have liked a few bits of lobster in this. And that drip wiped off the side of the bowl.

Caesar Salad - Loved this presentation in the parmesan bowl! I'm going to try it sometime. Tasted a bit salty and the lettuce was a bit wilted. My guess is that bunches of these are prepped in advance and sit around waiting for the waiters to grab them. Still, I liked it.

Chicken stuffed with sun dried tomatoes. Tasted good. Way too large portion again. And I think they could have made that chicken breast look a bit more appealing. I'd never had bamboo rice before - that's the green stuff on the side. Interesting taste, a bit earthy. I think the thing in the front was a plantain, not a potato. It was really good!

I think I have one more post left about the island's most important food group - FUDGE!!

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