Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cool Stuff from Ikea - live from my iPhone

I'm doing a bit of shopping this morning at Ikea and I thought I'd take you along! I'll snap some Picts of cool stuff with my iPhone and post! An experiment - we'll see how it works!

Pretty pictures, I thought.

Love this kitchen.

Too cute!

Quick- need an excuse to buy this! A giraffe in a strawberry mobile!

Such cute storage!

Pretty little lamp!

Want to get a new bed. I like this one!

For all of this browsing, I walked out with only a 4 dollar shower curtain!

-- Post From My iPhone


Melissa said...

Oh my goodness...we've made SOOO many trips to Ikea in the last few weeks, but definitely not come out of there with just a $4 purchase!!! :)

I like the kitchen you took a photo of, too. :)

I'll be posting photos of our apartment in coming days/ will probably notice a "few" Ikea's the only place in Austria we can afford to shop!!!

Liz said...

I love that wrought-iron look storage. It would go beautifully in my bedroom.

Clever Karen said...

Melissa, you are lucky to have Ikea as an option for your house. I love their stuff and every time I go in there I wish I had an excuse to redo every room in my house. Stylish and affordable stuff. I was being especially good today - several things I was looking for weren't in stock.


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