Monday, August 3, 2009

Flowers on Mackinac Island

While my friends were off biking, I wandered around the island a bit, enjoying both the beautiful gardens and the clumps of wildflowers that dot the island.

The flowers by the hotels and inns were especially lush - maybe because of the abundance of composted manure????

Wildflowers along the shoreline.

I had fun playing around with the macro setting on my camera.

The big hill in front of the Grand Hotel is now naturalized with wildflowers. Loved it! If you ever stay here (or pay the $ to tour the grounds), ask for the map which lets you take a guided guided tour of all of the gardens.

And then, the best part of my stay at the Grand - sitting on that lovely geranium lined white porch and reading (on my Kindle).

Here is a mosaic that I made using some of the pictures that I took. Could resist adding one shot of the pretty plates in the dining room!

Created using the cool tools at Big Hug Labs.

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