Monday, September 10, 2012

Breakfast in Paris - Notre Dame

After our nasty Thello night train trip, we arrived in Paris and stashed our luggage.  We had a full day to spend and our plan was to visit the Pompidou Center Museum which opened at 11 am.  We walked along the Seine and just spent time outside Notre Dame enjoying the blue sky and the puffy clouds.

So much fun to walk around and look at the gargoyles.

I love looking at the rose windows from the exterior - they are beautiful even without the colors of the light through the stained glass.

As we walked around the street next to Notre Dame I could smell the crepes from the little stands.  That rubbery croissant on the train just wasn't good enough for breakfast in Paris.   So I lined up, ordered, and.....

....and then dined on this yummy Nutella Crepe in the shadows of Notre Dame.
Perfect Breakfast in Paris!

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