Thursday, September 6, 2012

Il Refolo - Venice

You may have noticed how much I enjoy having a "meal with a view." So dining in Venice was a treat! This is the location of Il Refolo where we dined during our second night in Venice.  We had another perfect table right along this beautiful canal.  Again, we were quite early, but most tables were reserved and filled up quickly.

Another perfect view as the gondolas glided by - great entertainment as you wait for your meal.

We opted for pizza.  I had a spicy pepperoni pizza that I loved! Perfect crunchy crust, so good!  My favorite pizza in Italy, although Dar Poeta in Rome was great, too.

Prosciutto and tomato pizza.

Pizzas and gondolas.  Too perfect!

This location was a lot of fun.  It seemed like a real neighborhood where people hung out.  Kids were playing and a cute dog roamed around the canal.  People poked their heads out the windows.  Church bells rang.  It was a lovely evening!

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