Friday, September 7, 2012

Venice - Day 3, Murano

For our last day in Venice, we took a slow vaporetto ride out to the nearby island of Murano.

Murano is best known as the glassblowing center where they make items of beautiful Murano glass.  It was hot, so we spent about one minute in here checking out the glass blowing.

Lots of shops, all filled with colorful glass.  We did quite a bit of shopping here - picked up a few gifts and some beaded jewelry.  

Several locations had large displays of Chiluly-like glass sculptures.  

We wanted some seafood while in Venice, so decided to try this restaurant that had a deck over the water.

Shrimp pasta - there actually were quite a few shrimp hiding under all that pasta.

I had sole (that's grilled polenta on the side).  It came as a whole fish and then the waiter deftly deboned the entire thing with a spoon and knife.  It was grilled and seasoned to perfection.

We probably could have wandered more around Murano, but it was so hot during the afternoon, and I think by this time we were about toured out.  We headed back to Venice and had a few hours to kill before boarding a night train to return to Paris.  More about our train trip in the next post!

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