Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gelato in Italy

Were you sad because I didn't post any gelato pictures in my Italy posts?  Well, I decided that gelato in Italy is worthy of its own post! I believe we had gelato every day in Italy (except in Milan, somehow we missed it there).  It became a quest to find the best gelato place near our hotel that we could "adopt" for our stay.  I know we missed several other good ones - we had to save some for next trip!  On our typical day we would eat a large breakfast at the hotel, skip lunch, and then have gelato mid-afternoon to cool off and refresh. Some days merited a second gelato at night!

In Rome I was looking for the San Crispino gelato place, but we found Grom and since we were hot and ready for a snack we went there for our first taste of Italian goodness.  I'd read about Grom on several foodie blogs so I knew it had a good reputation.  We sat by the Plaza Navona and tried to eat quickly before it melted all over our hands. Note the cobblestone streets in the background.

We found Flor right on the Campo di Fiori, just around the corner from our hotel.  Lots of bright refreshing fruity flavors!

I would get my double scoop cup and sit at the tables in the little sitting area right in front of our hotel.  Above, yummy mango and coconut!

In Florence, we tried a couple other spots that were just ok before we discovered Venchi a few blocks from our hotel.  It is both a chocolate and a gelato shop.  Mmmmmmm - dreamy chocolate flavors!

An evening treat enjoyed on the Palazzo Vecchio - our second gelato of that day!  Notice my new boyfriend David in the background!

Gelateria San Stae was steps down the street from our hotel in Venice. A tiny little local place with lots of interesting flavors.  (Can you say Prosecco gelato?)


We also came across Mille Voglie in one of the Venice neighborhoods we were exploring.  It was very good and had some unique flavor choices.  I think the flavor above is kiwi.

I went into a serious gelato withdrawal depression when I arrived home and their wasn't a gelato shop around the corner (or anywhere) that I could visit each day.  Most American ice cream just does come close to the yummy creamy flavors that you can get in Italy.  I'd return, just for the chance to eat some more gelato!

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