Saturday, September 22, 2012

Getting Creative with the Auryn Cam App

I have tried all kinds of apps that will add effects onto photos to turn them into paintings. My new favorite app is the AurynCam app. It has multiple settings that will add amazing artistic effects on to your photos. And it's free! Here are a few "paintings" that I have created out of some of my vacation photos from the summer using this incredible app!

Roof tops of Paris, pencil style

Blarney Castle, watercolor style

Roman Forum, cartoonized

St. Peters at sunset, colored sketch

Irish countryside, reminds me of a Dutch oil painting

Milan Cathedral, looks like an old parchment drawing

Florence sunset along the Arno, swirly like Van Gogh

Venice, reminds me of oil pastel

I have become somewhat addicted to playing around with this app, so expect a few more posts showing some of the creative things this app can do!

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