Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kruse and Muer

Does anyone else out there love a restaurant just because they have wonderful bread? Well, I do! And the bread at Kruse and Muer is awesome - it is a long fresh loaf served in a white bag and has a crusty topping with salt and poppy seeds. MMMM, I could make an entire meal out of it.

So I stopped at Kruse and Muer in downtown Rochester as my traditional lunch stop during my annual garden shopping a few days ago. (Forgive the dark pictures - I was seated in the dark back room. Dark, as in you need to get out the reading glasses to read the menu dark. Those of you of a certain age know exactly what I am talking about.)

After indulging in the bread, I had their coleslaw which comes with your entrees. I love their coleslaw because it has a tangy Italian dressing on it - I don't like mayo, so I usually don't like coleslaw. But theirs is great!

I had one of my favorite meals - but the name escapes me at the moment! It had shrimp, scallops, lobster, and tomatoes in a creamy saffron sauce that is served over rice. It is sooooo rich and sooooo good. They also have great pastas and their seafood is wonderful too.

But the main reason I go there is the bread! I think their desserts are good too, but I usually am too full to have any.

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