Monday, May 26, 2008

Spring Garden - Memorial Day Update

I am weary from 2 days of digging and planting. I am done (for now) with moving perenials, trimming shrubs, and filling pots and hanging containers. I know I will keep moving the pots around for a while until I find the right combination, but at least the hardest of the work is done. It will take a few weeks for all the impatiens to fill in with color. I'll give you more pictures as things fill in over the weeks ahead.

I have a small house, so my garden has become this outside room that I so enjoy! It is a peaceful and pretty place to read or entertain friends. I hope you'll enjoy seeing it throughout the summer.


Alison Gibbs said...

How pretty the garden will look once it all starts to flower

julie said...

hello, not sure how i began reading your blog:) but i have lurked for a while and today when i saw all of your lovely work on your garden i wanted to tell you well done! i know how hard and yet rewarding it can be to garden, plant and weed..... anyway, i enjoy your blog. thanks for sharing your life! God bless, julie harris


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