Saturday, May 10, 2008

Royal Oak Farmer's Market

The only thing bad about going to the Royal Oak Farmer's Market is trying to find a parking space. I have done laps around their lot many times hoping to find someone leaving so I could claim their spot. I've learned to avoid this problem by going first thing in the morning - this Saturday morning I arrived shortly after 7 a.m and was able to pull into a space right near the entrance. Even early, the place is busy, but it is nice to do your shopping before the flowers are picked over and the crowds are so thick you can't get through the booths.

I usually focus on buying flowers, but there also are seasonal fruits and vegetables, eggs and baked goods, homemade soap, and antiques. But this time of year the flowers are the main attraction.

I have shopped at the booth above for several years (right near the south door). They have wonderful begonias and geraniums and for 3 dollars each. I also found another booth that had HUGE rosemary plants for $2.50! I only bought a few things - later this week I will do my major flower shopping. Below is today's basketful of flowers and herbs.

Stay tuned - I have more pictures from the market coming. In fact, if you don't like flowers, you might as well stay away from this blog for the next few weeks, because most of Clever Karen's creative energies will be going into the garden.

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Alison Gibbs said...

What a great market. Love your purchases so far. Look forward to seeing more gorgeous flowers and the garden


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