Friday, July 29, 2011

Blog Template Update

So I have been doing a little much overdue "redecorating" over here at Clever Karen. (If you are viewing the blog via a RSS reader you might want to click through to see the new design.) I have been playing around with the template designer in Blogger. I also did a bit of a redesign with the header image. Not sure I like the header quite yet, I think it is a bit busy, so I will continue to tweak that. What do you think? If there is anything that is looking wonky when you view it on your browser, could you let me know! Thanks!


melissa said...

cute! I like the background. I agree with you about the header, though...maybe if you make the lettering on the subtitle so it's not 'shady'. good for you - I haven't attempted to make a header yet! :)

Clever Karen said...

Thanks, Melissa. Good suggestion about the shadow - I had it on the previous design and it really isn't needed!

Renée said...

Love it, Karen! It's a nice, fresh update :).

Clever Karen said...

Ok, I changed the background to dots instead of swirls and got rid of the shadow on the text. Better I think. Still looking for a background that has a little more of a pure white shade with a bit of texture, but this will need to do for now.


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