Sunday, July 3, 2011

Crepes at the Plymouth Coffee Bean

Plymouth Bean Crepes

My friend Renée had recently discovered that the Plymouth Coffee Bean has a crepe station. Since she is a French teacher she felt a moral obligation to test it out. I gladly accepted her invitation to help her out and also do a bit of shopping in downtown Plymouth. (Shopping pictures will come in another post.)

Crepes at the Plymouth Bean

You can order a small or large crepe with a choice of toppings both savory and sweet. The crepes are made as you watch. I wonder how long you need to practice with that "rake" before you can make a perfect circle??

Crepes at Plymouth Bean

Renée ordered nutella, bananas, and strawberries as her fillings. Yum! The small size was huge! I got a savory crepe filled with swiss cheese, bacon, and fresh mushrooms. They fried the bacon while the crepes cooked. They were delicious and Renée gave them the authentic French flavor stamp of approval!


We enjoyed sitting outside while we ate. Free wifi for our iPads. Coffee for Renée and tea for me. A very enjoyable way to spend a morning!

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meghan said...

Bonjour Madame!!

Renée said...

Karen, your pictures turned out great! What a lovely time we had. Looking forward to doing it again sometime. Happy 4th!

Meghan! I think you are Meghan A., who used to be Meghan C? I talked with your husband not long ago, told him what a great person you are:).

Beth S. said...

I've had their crepes too and they rock! I need to go there more often.


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