Thursday, July 3, 2008

D'Amato's Restaurant

We were a little unsure when we walked up to D'Amoto's Restaurant in Royal Oak on Sunday around 11:30 am. Was it closed? It looked totally empty. As we started walking away, someone opened the door and called for us to come it. You always wonder when no one is in a restaurant....

But after a bit a few more people arrived (including Noisy Child at next table who kept running around and almost grabbed our bill and charge card twice). There was other more civilized entertainment a bit later - a jazz band. That helped to drown out Noisy Child.

We had read in the paper recently that D'Amato's had updated their menu recently and had added brunch. I hadn't been here in many, many years. (Anyone remember when this location was Keith Famie's Les Auteur? Loved that restaurant - it introduced me to mixed greens in a salad with dried cherries, which seemed so exotic at the time! Anyway, I digress.)

I ordered tea - always like it when there is a selection so I can try something new. My friend ordered an omlette which had avocado and other good stuff in it that I can't remember. (She liked it.)

And I got the Stuffed French Toast - mmmmm. The French toast was two slices of bread with a sweet mascarpone filling between and berries on top. It was nice - however the filling melted immediately so it ended up being more like a runny sauce, still good though. The serving size seemed a bit small.

Other than Noisy Child, I thought D'Amatos was good, not amazing, but good. On Sundays it's nice to have some options that aren't so packed that you have to wait in line. The regular menu looks like it has some good items as well, so I'd be game to give those a try as well.

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