Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Garden in all its Glory

July 1, and the garden is at its best. We've had some rain almost everyday, so the impatiens are lush and the hanging plants have all filled in. Over the next few weeks the daylilies will bloom and things will be lovely. After that it gets too warm usually and things get a bit shaggy. But right now it is glorious! (If I say so myself!)

This Annabelle hydrangea is 3 years old and is the best it has ever been. Loaded with puffy white blossoms!

A shady area with ferns, hosta, and a bird bath.

I use this old rusty lawnmower as a planter.

Caladium in a pot with begonias and impatiens. Endless Summer hydrangea almost ready to bloom!


samccoy said...

You have a gorgeous garden, and I can tell you have maintained it well. I am always envious of people who can put together a beautiful shade garden. The hydrangeas, hosta and push mower planter were my favorites. Thanks for sharing.

Rebekah C said...

Wow! Your garden looks great! I especially love how the color of your garage/house sets off all of the flower colors. And, yay for all the rain we've had this season. Isn't nice not to have to water all the time?


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