Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Let There Be Light!

Clever Karen should be renamed "Handy Andy" this week. I am in the midst of plethora of cleaning/painting/fixing projects around the house. (The local hardware stores are rejoicing that I am doing my part for the economy!)

One of my projects was to paint the ceiling and trim in the kitchen and then replace this lamp. I have been wanting to replace this light fixture for many years, but couldn't find something I liked that had a 100 watt bulb. Finally I bought a light at Ikea that had more of a track light style. When I went to install it, the placement holes for the screws was in different places - maybe because it is European. Couldn't figure out how to install it, so that one is going to be returned to Ikea. Yesterday I found a different fixture at Home Depot and went to install it last night.

Everything fit correctly and after about 20 minutes I had all the wires connected. I went into the basement to turn the power back on and then flipped on the light. Nothing. Turned off the power, tightened the wires again, turned on power, flipped on light. Still nothing.

Bummed and frustrated I pull out the direction sheet from the box. While doing that I noticed three small boxes sitting on the table. DUH! I guess it would help to put the bulbs into the fixture!

With the bulbs installed in their sockets, I flipped the switch and tada, it worked. I don't love it - the halogen light bulbs give a different kind of light that is more directed to specific spots and doesn't seem as bright. But at least it is a fresh look and will do for now. Ok, gotta get back to my projects. More later.

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