Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Feasting with Friends

Having a summer time feast with my friends Sally and Scott has been an annual tradition for many years. Way back, when they moved into my neighborhood, we discovered we shared a fervor for food, travel, education, books, and our faith. At some point I started inviting them over for a once a year gourmet grilled meal where I went all out with trying to be fun and creative with my cooking. Since they moved out of state, I don't get the chance every year to have them over for a feast. But this summer they were in town for a short visit and I have spent weeks mulling over what the menu would be and days shopping and cleaning and cooking.

Over the next week I will share lots of food and recipes. I think I have enough new things to fill at least a week's worth of posts. But here are a few pictures from their visit.

Sally dressed the girls up in cute white outfits to take pictures in the garden.

The girls got to play with the doll house. (And with the cat. And I introduced them to Webkins.)

Raspberry nail polish!

We ate and ate, Lots more about the food to come!

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Melissa said...

the girls have grown up so much - what fun photos to see! I'm glad that you had a great visit with them! :)


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