Friday, July 25, 2008

New Vintage Treasures

Last week I unearthed a couple of new vintage fabric treasures. The first one was a tablecloth that I found at the Royal Oak Garage Sale last Saturday. I have a collection of old tablecloths. I have fun looking for them and part of the game is that they don't cost any more than 10 dollars. As more and more people are collecting tablecloths, the price has gone up, so it is harder to find ones cheap enough to buy. This one was marked 10 dollars, and (without even having to ask) the vendor told me he'd take five! SOLD!

It was the colors that I like, had a floral/fruit print, and didn't have any damage or stains. I really love the graphic designs on these old tableclothes. More scans of my collection are here on Flickr.

Also, I had blogged a few days ago about buying old postcards last week at the Wooden Shoe Antique Market in Holland. My other purchase there was this old quilt for 25 dollars. When I saw the tag, I thought surely it was a mistake, but it wasn't. I grabbed it!

Now it does have a faded spot, some damaged fabric, and a frayed corner - it has been well loved. And some paint on the back side, by some *guy* who probably used it as a drop cloth. Even with the damage, I think it is wonderful. For 25 dollars I can cut it up to use for pillows and other projects. I love the design and the muted colors. What great bargains, huh???


Sandi said...

Wow, that's a gorgeous quilt! What a lucky find.

Sarah and Jack said...

I love them both. Gorgeous.


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