Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ah, Sweet Summer!

Sorry there wasn't much blogging last week. I had to take a deep breath and dive into all the end of school tasks. I walked out on Friday afternoon with that wonderful awareness that I have 2 sweet months ahead to fill with all kinds of clever fun!

And this will be one of my favorite spots to relax this summer. Our school librarians gave me a stack of childrens' books to read and I also sit here with my laptop. Probably I will even write a few blog entries from this cozy corner.

What else is on my to do list besides reading and working on my laptop? A trip out west. Digital scrapbooking. Trying to make some projects from my stash of fat quarters and vintage sheets. Testing new recipes for a big cookout feast for friends. Keeping the garden looking nice. Shopping. And I have tons of cleaning to do and some maintenance and painting around the house. And a list of things to start preparing for next fall and the start of school.

But most of that will wait for a few days. I just want to do a little bit of nothing and enjoy the sweetness of summer.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Have a great summer vacation, Karen! :)


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