Saturday, June 28, 2008

Exploring Zion National Park

Zion has a lot of amazing hikes. And most of them are labeled - "steep drop offs, not for anyone with a fear of heights." So there were a lot of amazing hikes that I did NOT experience while at Zion!

But we did find 2 lovely "low" hikes to take. The first is called Weeping Rock and goes to an area lush with water dripping down the cliffs.

The second hike is called the Riverside Walk is a nice stroll along the river into the narrow part of the canyon. At the end of the trail you can continue walking up the canyon through the river into an area called the Narrows. The water was mid calf high and very cold - without the right shoes and a walking stick it seemed to be a sure recipe for giving the digital camera a bath, so we didn't go any farther upstream.

I took lots of pictures of the the wildflowers....

and played in the cold waterfall.....

More Zion pictures posted here at Flickr.

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