Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hoodoo Hike

My absolute favorite event of the trip was the hike that we took down into the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon. Hoodoos are the tall strange statue-like geological formations in Bryce. We left about 8 am from our room and walked right to the Navajo Loop trailhead on the rim to start this hike.

The trail hairpins 500 feet straight down the canyon - which was a bit challenging for poor "afraid of high places with edges" me. But once we got down into the deep walled area called "Wall Street" I was totally loving the hike. It was so mysterious and beautiful. We were enjoying the hike so much that we connected to another trail that took us across an area with pine trees in the bottom of the canyon.

Then we started to work our way back up to the rim through the Queen's Garden trail. This trail takes you through little arches and along more incredible scenery.

We reached the top of the rim about 10:30 - just about the time that it was getting hot and the crowds were building. We hiked about a total of 3 miles. Here are some pictures from above the rim of the trails that we took:

I took close to a hundred pictures of this hike I'd guess. There are more of them (and other shots of Bryce) posted at my Flickr site: click here to see the uploaded collection of my best shots.

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