Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bouchon - Las Vegas

Each time I've gone to Las Vegas (3 times total) I've looked for a cool restaurant with a celebrity chef where we could go to for lunch when the price is less expensive. (I have lots of fun looking online at restaurant menus and reviews.) This time I decided to go to brunch at Thomas Keller's Bouchon.

Bouchon is an elegant classic French restaurant in the Venetian Resort. It was a bit challenging to locate - it was on the second floor in the resort tower instead of along the canal where most of the other restaurants are located. The main room (where we ate) is lovely and it also has an outdoor courtyard with tables overlooking some gardens and the pool.

We began with coffee and tea and they served this beautiful bagette with butter and apricot jam. We started with a basket of 4 pastries from their bakery. Oh my goodness, they were divine! Rick loved the croissant which was split in half, covered with strawberry jam and a streusel topping, and then toasted. (That's on my list to see if I can replicate!) My favorite was covered with a creamy lemony filling. We couldn't finish the caramel pecan roll or the chocolate croissant so they kindly boxed them for us to take home.

Rick ordered the strawberry waffles. They were light and crispy and he certainly seemed to enjoy them. I got the trout almondine with a brown butter sauce which also was wonderful. Even the haricot vert were yummy - my true test of a good restaurant is one that can make vegetables delicious!

So it was a wonderful classy meal. And for a bonus we had pastries to enjoy the next morning too!

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