Thursday, June 26, 2008

Grand Canyon - Cape Royal

It is lovely to wake up in the morning, walk a few steps to get tea and a cinnamon roll, and then stroll to the rim of the canyon to enjoy breakfast by morning light.

(Colorado River, seen through Angel's Window)

Upon leaving the lodge, we drove out the Walhalia Plateau towards Cape Royal to get some different views of the canyon. We were able to see the Colorado River far below and I was even brave enough to walk out on Angel's Window. (Seen above)

Yes, I was very brave. Can you see me hanging on for dear life??

As we headed out of the Park we stopped at Jacob's Lake Inn for a bite of lunch and to stock up on pastries and cookies for the next day's breakfast and hike. It is just small old-fashioned diner/restaurant but man so they have great baked goods - the German chocolate cookies were to die for! Thus nourished, we began our 3 hour drive to Bryce.

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